Escaped prisoner ‘absolutely’ may have left country already amid calls for prison to be shut down

The police say that it is “very possible” that Daniel Khalife has left the country, or that he has help from abroad to escape from prison, as the search for the terrorist has reached the third day. tragedy has escaped.

The head of the Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism Dominic Murphy said that he remains “open-minded” whether Khalife received support from someone who escaped from prison and whether he was able to leave the country. Ports and airports were put on alert in the hours after Khalife disappeared.

It proved to be weak The Independent Richmond Park’s search for Khalife is “continuing” as of Friday morning, and at least parts of the park are currently closed to the public.

An intelligence officer said The Independent on Thursday that “all the signs are of an organized operation and not a deliberate escape”, adding: “It is almost certain that he received help from the inside from the prison.”

Meanwhile, prison chief warden Charlie Taylor has called for the closure of Wandsworth prison after Khalife – who is accused of planting fake bombs at a military base before claiming he “graduated” from trying to spy for Iran – succeeded in escaping by clinging to a delivery. van.

Main Idea

  • Police are still ‘opening their minds’ to whether the suspected attackers have left the country

  • Police are looking for a fugitive suspect in Richmond Park

  • Photo: Van that Daniel Khalife got stuck in while escaping from prison

  • ‘Strapping’ found under delivery vehicle as hastily reported

  • Wandsworth prison escapes ‘systematic crisis’

  • Who is Daniel Abed Khalife? Royal Signals soldier charged with planting fake bombs

  • Why wasn’t Khalife at Belmarsh?

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs has refused to comment on whether Khalife is certain to be found

07:45 , Tara Cobham

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly refused to say whether he was sure that Daniel Khalife would be suspected of being dangerous.

“We have good security services and police services. I don’t think it’s worth or believable for me to speculate.

“The important thing is to let the police, the investigators do their job,” he said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme.

Comment: Chief Warden says Wandsworth Prisons ‘need to close’

07:29 , Tara Cobham

The prison where ex-soldier Daniel Khalife escaped “really needs to be closed”, the police chief said on Thursday evening.

Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor said “in an ideal world” Wandsworth would be closed, but “there are only enough prisons” for the prison population.

The behavior of Wandsworth prison was described as “serious concern” and police issued a series of warnings about the prison last year before Khalife escaped.

The B reception and resettlement unit, which opened in 1851, is one of only nine prisons out of 119 in England and Wales whose practices have recently been questioned.

Governor Katie Price presides over the Victorian prison, which holds about 1,600 people facing trial in London and criminals on bail, in five wings.

Mr Taylor told Politics Hub and Sophy Ridge on Sky News: “When you get a prison like Wandsworth, it really needs to be closed. Ultimately, it is not a proper prison.”

But, he added: “You need prisons because you need to serve the courts. There is a current crisis in prisons in terms of human accommodation. So there are only enough prisons, places available, right now for the number of prisoners that are coming in.”

In the video: Daniel Khalife ‘will be found and face the court’, says the secretary of the court

07:00 , Namita Singh

Daniel Khalife ‘will be found and face the court’, said the secretary of the court

Police are looking for a fugitive suspect in Richmond Park

06:40 , Tara Cobham

Police are still searching Richmond Park for Daniel Abed Khalife as of Friday morning, as the man’s whereabouts have not yet been confirmed. The suspect is suspected of being involved.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that The Independent that the search of the park is “ongoing”, and at least parts of it are currently closed to the public.

Police are seen patrolling the main entry and exit points and police helicopters are flying overhead.

Undisclosed footage released by the Metropolitan Police is CCTV footage of the car police searched in the hunt for Daniel Khalife (PA)

Undisclosed footage released by the Metropolitan Police is CCTV footage of the car police searched in the hunt for Daniel Khalife (PA)

The focus on the park comes despite investigators agreeing that there is every possibility that he fled the country.

All we know about suspected terrorist Daniel Abed Khalife who escaped from HMP Wandsworth

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It is questionable how to suspect terrorist managed to escape from London prison.

Daniel Abed Khalifaa first person British Army soldier, allegedly used straps to attach himself to a food delivery van while wearing a chef’s uniform and red and white striped pants.

The court is awaiting release of information about the…

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