Follow along with division chases and wild-card races as we count down to October

As the month of September rolls around, we’re counting down to the end of the MLB regular season and following all the races to the 2023 postseason.

Below are the teams that have secured their entry for October o they are 10 wins (or opponent losses) away from doing sowith more to be added in the coming days and weeks, as well as what the postseason would look like if the season ended today.

(All current numbers until play on Monday.)

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What follows: The Braves became the first team to clinch a spot in the 2023 postseason with a win over the Pirates. on September 10and then claimed their sixth straight division title with a win over the Phillies Wednesday. Owners of the best record in baseball, the Braves will next look to secure the top seed in the NL, guaranteeing a bye to the NLDS and home field advantage in the postseason. With the way the Braves have played this year, it’s a safe bet that the NL playoffs will go through Atlanta.

How they got here: To put it bluntly, the Braves have been far and away the best team in MLB this season. with 30% chance of winning the World Series, by FanGraphsi one star to do it all to Ronald Acuña Jr., the Braves have pitched, hit and slugged and defended even beyond the highest expectations for this year.

Wins needed to get:

Why you should root them: They are becoming baseball’s new boss.


What follows: In a season where many expected the Dodgers to take a step back after a quiet offseason, instead they’ve continued to do what they do: cruise past their NL West foes and into the postseason picture . with a extra-inning win on Saturday against the Mariners, the Dodgers punched a ticket to the playoffs and their 10th division title in the last 11 years.

How they got here: This season for the Dodgers has been anything but smooth, but once again, their depth has carried them through. Injuries abound in the starting rotation, leaving questions about who will pitch for LA in the postseason. These questions have only been further complicated by the fact that Julio Urias recently asked arrest for crime of domestic violence and the news that Walker Buehler will not return this season.

Wins needed to get:

Why you should root them: They make good players bad.


What follows: The Orioles, who have arguably been atop baseball’s strongest division since July, are looking for their first AL East title since 2014 and the ticket to host the ALDS that goes with it. Yes Baltimore may contain Tampa Baythe Orioles will be the top seed in the AL postseason picture.

How they got here: One of the most pleasant surprises of the 2023 season, the young, fun, confident The Orioles have climbed to the top of the American League on the strength of a young core that is simultaneously developing into stars. The Orioles haven’t been swept in a series since May 2022, a span spanning catcher Adley Rutschman’s entire major league career.

Wins needed to get:

Why you should root them: They don’t know how to lose.


What follows: After a split in this weekend’s series in Baltimore, the Rays are still losing the Orioles for the lead in the AL East. They’d love to clinch the division crown and get a bye from the ALDS, but even if that doesn’t happen, Tampa Bay is solidly in position to take the main wildcard of the AL.

How they got here: The Rays started in 2023 as hot as any team in recent memory, jumping into first place in their division with a 13-0 start. Injuries (especially in the rotation), attrition and Wander Franco legal status they’ve taken their toll since then, but Tampa Bay has remained one of the best teams in the AL, comfortably atop the fray in the wild-card picture.

Wins needed to get:

Why you should root them: They have never won a World Series.

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What follows: It’s division title or lose for the Twins, as some team has to win the moribund AL Central. Minnesota currently holds a 7-game lead on Cleveland, allowing for a comfortable trip to the postseason, where the Twins will host a wild-card series, and at least they won’t have to face the Yankees this year.

How they got here: The Twins have led their division for most of the season thanks to a strengthened pitching rotation led by Sonny Gray and Pablo Lopez. Offensively, however, much is left to be desired as Carlos Correa has not found his stride and Byron Buxton is back injured.

Wins needed to get:

Why you should root them: They are the most disadvantaged.


What follows: Cruising steadily toward the postseason, the Brewers must fend off the challenging Cubs and Reds to secure the NL Central title and wild-card hosting duties. Milwaukee currently sits 6 games ahead of Chicago in the standings, and the two teams will play a three-game series to close out…

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