‘Looks Like My Little Sister’s Clay School Project’

A scientist showed the bodies of what he said were the remains of aliens while testifying to Congress in Mexico on September 12.

The tragedy occurred after Jaime Maussan showed two boxes in the parliament chambers and revealed what he said were the bodies of two foreigners.

Mexican foreigners

The remains of an alleged alien are presented to the Mexican Parliament on September 12, 2023. (Photo: NEWS9 Live / YouTube screenshot)

Maussan said the bodies are over 1,000 years old and were found in Peru back in 2017. The remains are small in size with elongated heads and three fingers on each hand, according to NPR.

“These are not mummies,” tell Maussan. “These are perfect bodies that have not been manipulated.” He also said the aliens have no teeth but have large eyes and brains, “which allow for wide stereoscopic vision.”

“This is the first time (extraterrestrial life) has been presented in such a form, and I think there is a clear demonstration that it is done with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world,” full Maussan. “We are not alone.”

Maussan has said that he will find other remains in the past, but scientists insist that his findings are mummified ancient Peruvians. However, users on social media weighed in on the claims with both enthusiasm and skepticism.

“It’s like my little sister’s clay school project,” perceive another on Instagram.

“Get out of here! I saw the same games in the TJ Max home section,” added one.


“There’s no way they’re showing off their dead brothers,” another Instagram user replied. “They didn’t go for this.”

Former Navy admiral and executive director of the United States for Aerospace Safe organization Ryan Graves also testified at the hearing that there are aliens. Graves also testify about the existence of extraterrestrials in front of a committee for the United States Congress back in July.

Air Force intelligence officer Maj. David Grusch was also on hand and said the US government is in possession of “non-human” bodies during his testimony in front of Congress in Washington, DC, on July 26. Grusch said the U.S. government maintains a decades-old program that catches unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs, otherwise known as UFOs.

The samples of the remains were also presented by forensic expert Dr. José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, who testified that the remains were not human.

Others note that the remains resemble a Hollywood movie idea of ​​what aliens look like.

Despite the congressional testimony in the US and in Mexico, NASA scientists say there is no evidence to prove that “the UAP is of alien origin.”

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