Russia Ukraine war live: Key village Robotyne liberated as Kyiv claims five Moscow jets hit by drones

Wagner chief Prigozhin killed

Ukraine‘s army liberated the southeast village of Robotyne amid fierce fighting and is attempting to advance further south in a counterattack against Russian forces.

This comes after you hit five MoscowA source in Turkey reported that warplanes launched a drone attack on Russian territory at night. Kyiv‘s security service informed the Ukrainian press yesterday.

Kyiv Post And Ukrainian Pravda Both claimed successful attacks on four Russian Su-30 fighter jets and a MiG-29 at an airport in Kursk, according to sources from Ukraine’s SBU security agency.

This morning, RussiaThe defense ministry claimed that two more drones were shot down in Bryansk and Kursk, both on the border with Ukraine, without providing further details on possible damage or casualties.

Sounds like the Russian Investigative Committee said Wagner chef Evgeny Prigozhin The 10 bodies found in the wreckage were confirmed to have died in a plane crash near Moscow on Wednesday, according to genetic testing results.

Western politicians and commentators have suggested that Mr. Putin had ordered Prigozhin’s murder as punishment for Wagner’s brief mutiny in June; The Kremlin dismissed this claim as an “absolute lie”.


The propaganda-style Ukrainian war is coming to Russian cinema screens. Will people watch?

The film revolves around a violinist who comes to Kiev from Belgium to perform. It’s February 2022 and his trip is turned upside down when Russia starts bombing. Ukraine. The artist survived “a series of inhumane crimes and bloody provocations by Ukrainian nationalists” and is ready to tell the world “how this really happened.”

The state-sponsored drama “The Witness”, which premiered in Russia on August 17, is the first feature film about the 18-month occupation. The first feature film to be released in theaters across the country, about the 18-month occupation of Ukraine, depicts Ukrainian soldiers as violent neo-Nazis who torture and kill their own people. One is wearing a T-shirt that says Hitler. Also in the movie, the younger son of the main character wonders: “Isn’t Ukraine Russia?”

this narrative Kremlin has been promoting since the early days of the war; all packaged in a motion picture.

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Despite Russia’s efforts to retake the area, the evacuation order had few followers.

The thunder of mortar fire echoes in the distance like that of a 5-year-old David He approaches his mother with an innocent request: Can he play with a baseball bat a relative gave him?

Valeria Pototska rolls her eyes and repeatedly says no to her son. “This is a toy for big kids,” she scolds. Not far from their town in northeastern Ukraine, the boy, not startled, sulks and drives away on his bike as guns fire more rounds.

Other neighborhood kids are having fun at the playground in Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, seemingly immune to war developing 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away.

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Two dead, two missing in Russia’s night attack

Two people were killed and two disappeared in an overnight Russian attack in Ukraine’s central Poltava region, local officials said.

Governor Dmytro Lunin wrote on Telegram: “Two people died as a result of the hostile attack, two were hospitalized with minor injuries, and the whereabouts of two more is currently unknown.”

Mr. Lunin said the attack targeted an industrial facility, but did not provide further details.

Separately, the Ukrainian military said Russia launched four missiles overnight from the Black Sea, two of which were hit, while another missile strike targeted the Kryvyi Rih region.

Local officials said several private homes were damaged but reported no casualties.

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Wagner’s boss talks about ‘plane smashing in mid-air’ in resurfaced clip

Russian mercenary boss in 40-second clip Evgeny Prigozhin He likened Russia’s course in the war to an airplane that would “break apart in the air”.

There’s more at Meryem Zakir-Hussain

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How ‘industrial scale’ Russian minefields thwart Ukraine’s counterattack

hope of the west UkraineTheir counterattack to make a dramatic breakthrough has been significantly backed off as US officials predicted that Kiev would now lag behind its main goal of cutting separatism. RussiaLand bridge with occupied Crimea.

One of the key challenges that frustrates Kiev’s efforts to redraw the front line is millions of people. mines Russia paved their way until Ukraine is now described as the world’s most heavily mined country.

“What we see is an industrial…

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